Screening Tenants and Raising Rents Like a Rental Property Pro

Screening Tenants and Raising Rents Like a Rental Property Pro

Every landlord wants the best possible tenants in their rental property, but of course, this doesn’t happen by chance. Today, we’re delivering several tips to help you improve the screening process, work seamlessly with inherited tenants, and raise rents without pushback!

Welcome to another Rookie Reply! In this episode, we not only talk about dealing with tenants but also get into the different types of hard money loans and how to use them. Is an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) attached to the property you’re looking to buy? We discuss how showing its potential income can help you qualify for a loan. Finally, real estate investing is no walk in the park, despite what social media might have you believe. Stick around as we touch on some of the hard truths that new investors should know!

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Show notes at

00:00 Intro

00:48 What Does Hard Money Cover?

05:44 Inheriting Tenants 101

11:26 How to Screen a Tenant

18:16 Real Estate’s “Best Kept Secrets”

24:12 Using ADU Income to Get a Loan

26:36 Send Us Your Question!

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