How to Analyze a Rental Property (From Start to Finish)

How to Analyze a Rental Property (From Start to Finish)

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Looking for your first investment property? This is where to start! Today, we’re walking through how to analyze an investment property step-by-step. And we’re not just going through the regular “rent – mortgage payment – expenses = cash flow” numbers; we’re going to go even deeper, helping you analyze real estate markets, too, so you can buy the best property in the best market imaginable. Ready to start? In just thirty minutes, you’ll learn how to analyze a rental property like a pro.

We picked a random rental property in a traditionally cash-flowing real estate market: Des Moines, Iowa. Whether you have an interest in investing in the Midwest or not, this step-by-step real estate analysis will show you how to know whether a rental property is worth buying no matter WHERE you invest or how much money you have to spend. Plus, we’ll show you how to MAKE a deal when the numbers aren’t what you’re looking for!

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00:00 How to Analyze a Rental Property
02:55 Is Now a Good Time to Invest?
04:00 The 3 Steps
07:39 Real Rental Property Example
09:14 1. Macroeconomic Conditions
12:01 2. Local Market Conditions
15:54 3. Running the Numbers
26:04 MAKE It A Deal!
32:21 Easy Analysis Tools

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