Real Estate Deals WE'RE Doing in 2024 That Rake in HUGE Rents

Real Estate Deals WE’RE Doing in 2024 That Rake in HUGE Rents

You hear us talk a lot about buying real estate, but what real estate deals are WE doing in 2024? Today, we’re pulling back the curtain on our portfolios, walking you through actual deals we’re doing, how much they cost us, how much they’re making, and why, surprisingly, one of us STOPPED buying real estate to focus on something that’ll make much more money. Want to know what it is? We’re about to give you every detail you need to repeat the real estate deals we’re doing!

First, Rob will talk about his Pink Pickle…yes, you read that right. It’s the newest bachelorette party-themed short-term rental in Austin, Texas! This short-term rental has everything you’d ever need: a pink pickleball court, a pink dinosaur, a mysterious red button that you SHOULD NOT PRESS, and an above-ground pool. This property took a LOT of work, but it only happened because of a real estate deal gone wrong.

Next, David gives a masterclass on how to make half a MILLION dollars in equity on one rental property. He also shows you how having an investor’s eye can allow you to TRIPLE the square footage of a home and skyrocket the rents, making you much more cash flow than you thought possible. And no one even wanted this property in the first place! How do you find these hidden deals? Stick around; we’ll show you!

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01:12 More Doors or Reinvest?

04:51 Housing Market Headwinds

07:36 Rob’s Pink Pickle

17:33 Bay Area BRRRR ($500K+ in Equity!)

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