How to Buy Your First Rental (8 Beginner Steps)

How to Buy Your First Rental (8 Beginner Steps)

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Ready to buy your first rental in 2024? Welcome to real estate investing for beginners! In under fifteen minutes, you’ll have all the steps you need to find potential investment properties, analyze them to ensure they make money, and buy your first rental property this year! But that’s not all; you’ll also learn what to do AFTER you close, so running your rental property can be a breeze instead of a headache.

Who’s teaching this beginner’s guide to real estate investing? James Dainard! He’s done thousands of real estate transactions, from buying rental properties to flipping houses and beyond. James is an investing veteran with almost twenty years of experience through many booms and busts. His consistent system for buying great properties has allowed him to amass a HUGE rental property portfolio that spits out hundreds of thousands in passive income EVERY year.

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00:00 Is Now the Time to Invest in Real Estate?
03:35 1. Choose Your Market
04:50 2. Get Pre-Approved
05:41 3. Learn to Analyze Deals
07:05 4. Look for Properties
07:54 5. Analyze the Property
08:59 6. Make An Offer!
10:05 7. Close!
10:32 8. Manage the Property
12:46 You’re Ready to Invest!

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