I Want to Double My Real Estate Portfolio…What Should I Do?

I Want to Double My Real Estate Portfolio…What Should I Do?

Want to double your real estate portfolio and bring in much more cash flow? What about using some of your untapped home equity to invest? Today, we’re showing you how to do just that on this episode of Seeing Greene, where we get into real estate partnerships, paying off rental properties, using home equity to invest, and the not-so-secret repeatable thirteen-percent return real estate investment.

Green means go, so we’re flooring it in this episode as David Greene and expert guest James Dainard bring some high-level investing tactics you can use to build wealth even faster. First, we get a question from “Real Estate Rookie” guest Matt Marcelissen, wondering how he can double his real estate portfolio by harnessing the power of partnerships. David and James give some rare advice on why you SHOULDN’T split things 50/50. Next, an investor wants to know if his low ROE (return on equity) rental is worth paying off. Then, what to do when you have home equity but can’t sell the house? And finally, James’ thirteen-percent return investment he’s using to pay for his kids’ college!

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00:00 Intro

01:07 Double Your Profit with Partnerships

06:10 DON’T Split 50/50

13:35 Comment Section Callout

16:06 Pay Off a Low-Cash Flow Rental?

18:28 How to Use Home Equity to Invest

23:41 Get a 13% Return!

28:58 Ask Us Your Question!

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