NEW Tax Bill Targets Landlords: Big Problem for Investors?

NEW Tax Bill Targets Landlords: Big Problem for Investors?

Landlords are always the problem, right? They’re why the housing market is so hot, why home prices won’t fall, and why you dropped your ice cream cone last weekend (sorry about that again). Sounds a bit silly, right? Well, not according to a new proposed bill targeting landlords, real estate investors, and anyone with a growing real estate portfolio. This new bill could send your cost to buy a house through the roof, as you may be taxed every time you invest. Christian and David are here to break it down.

The new bill, titled the “Affordable Housing and Homeownership Protection Act,” aims to help give first-time home buyers an upper hand in this harsh housing market. The idea is to disincentivize investors from buying up all the housing, which will bring inventory back to the market and drop housing prices so struggling buyers can finally become homeowners.

This would make sense IF it was the landlords buying up all the housing in the first place. Is that the truth? Not quite. This new bill could help the hedge funds buy up even more of the American housing market while punishing small-time landlords in communities who need them to provide housing. If this bill passes, it could spell BIG trouble for the housing market…

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