Quitting Corporate and Traveling the World with Just 4 Rentals!

Quitting Corporate and Traveling the World with Just 4 Rentals!

Want to travel the world? Want to quit your corporate job? Want to own properties in places you’d like to vacation? If you said yes to those questions, you should copy Olivia Tati’s strategy. In just a couple of years, Olivia went from burnt-out corporate worker to full-time real estate investor and traveler simply by taking a risk and buying properties whenever she could, EVEN if she had NEVER been to where she was buying!

During the pandemic, Olivia had $25,000 in credit card debt. She wanted to quit her soul-sucking job, but how could she with no extra money? Then, Olivia realized real estate was where the real money was made, and after listening to a few BiggerPockets Podcast episodes, went out in search of her first rental property—a house hack that would allow her to live for free! It was such a success that, shortly after, she went on the hunt for her next property.

Now, Olivia invests wherever the numbers make sense for her, EVEN if it’s somewhere she’s never been. With four units already to her name, and three more hopefully on the way this year, Olivia has perfected the remote landlord lifestyle. If you want to travel full-time while still doing what you love, you’d better take notes!

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00:00 Escaping Her Corporate Job
02:40 Investing in New Orleans
04:48 Out-of-State Short-Term Rentals
07:05 The #1 Thing You Need
09:30 4 Units Already!
10:19 Buy Your First Rental NOW!
11:05 Connect with Olivia!

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