Home Renovations Gone Wrong, Agent Leads, and Mortgage Recasts 101

Home Renovations Gone Wrong, Agent Leads, and Mortgage Recasts 101

When is it NOT worth taking a capital gains tax exemption? Wouldn’t it ALWAYS be a good time to pay Uncle Sam less? Not exactly…and today, we’re going to get into why. But there’s much more coming up in this Seeing Greene. If you’ve had trouble with an overbudget home renovation or are a real estate agent looking for new ways to find leads, stick around—we’ve got just what you need.

BRRRRman and Rob-in are back as our housing heroes, answering any and every question you have about real estate investing. First, Ronnie, a new real estate agent and full-time law enforcement officer, wants to know how to get more leads in his small market. David gives one piece of advice EVERY real estate agent must hear to help explode their businesses. Next, we discuss refinancing vs. recasting your mortgage and when each is worth it. A house hacker debates reinvesting in his backyard tiny home or buying a house in cash. Then, we talk about why selling your former primary residence, even with a capital gains exemption, might not make sense. And finally, a rehab gone wrong causes an investor to question whether it’s time to hold ’em or fold ’em.

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