Housing Inventory Climbs, Impatient Sellers Begin Dropping Prices

Housing Inventory Climbs, Impatient Sellers Begin Dropping Prices

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Is now the best time to buy a house? As housing inventory begins to climb, but mortgage rates stay high, sellers are stuck in a tricky position. With limited buyers due to low affordability, they can either keep their homes on the market until rates drop or cut their listing price to finally get rid of their property. But how can sellers be in a bind with SUCH little housing inventory on the market? Let us explain…

Housing inventory HAS improved…but we’re NOWHERE close to where we should be. And who can afford to buy a house with rates in the seven percent range? Most buyers are sitting on the sidelines, waiting to get back into the game when mortgage rates drop. But here’s one thing they may have never considered: what happens when ALL the buyers get back into the market due to falling rates? Competition will heat back up, prices will rise, and bidding wars will return.

So, is NOW the perfect time to buy a house and later refinance at a lower rate? Stick around because getting this wrong could cost you!

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00:31 Find a Tax Pro Today!
01:34 Inventory is Climbing
02:48 More Price Drops?
03:45 Buy Before It’s Too Late?
05:22 Will Mortgage Rates Go Down?

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