First Rental Property? 3 Things to Do BEFORE Renting Out Your House

First Rental Property? 3 Things to Do BEFORE Renting Out Your House

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First rental property? There are three things to do before renting out your house that MOST new landlords will completely overlook. If you don’t do all three, you could be dealing with many tenant phone calls, missed rent payments, or destroyed property. Thankfully, none of these steps are challenging, and ANY first-time rental property investor can easily walk through them to ensure their rental is a homerun success.

Mindy Jensen, host of the “BiggerPockets Money” podcast and Colorado real estate investor/agent, has had her fair share of bad tenants through multiple decades of landlording. She’s walking through the three steps EVERY SINGLE landlord should follow before renting out their property so you can start making mailbox money and NOT be chasing down tenant rent checks!

What steps did you take when you got your first rental? What steps do you regret forgetting? Let us know in the comments below!

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00:00 First Rental Property?
00:32 Sponsor: Steadily!
01;26 1. Do a Walkthrough (Look for THIS)
02:07 2. Screen Tenants (BIG Red Flags)
04:52 3. Sign a (Legit) Lease
05:20 DON’T Forget This

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