How to Buy Real Estate with Just 3% Down! (Conventional Loans)

How to Buy Real Estate with Just 3% Down! (Conventional Loans)

If you’re wondering how to buy real estate with little money, a conventional loan might be the perfect option for you. With as little as three percent down (yes, THREE percent), you can buy your first property and begin building wealth with very little out of pocket. But what is a conventional loan, who can qualify for one, and which property types can you buy with a conventional loan? We’re giving you everything you need to know.

Hannah Escher, licensed mortgage advisor, is here to explain what a conventional loan is, its pros (and cons), and who should get one. If you don’t have twenty percent down to put toward a property, this loan type could become your favorite. And for our rookie real estate investors, there’s a HUGE benefit to conventional loans that can help you keep more cash flow than an FHA loan. Plus, you may have more options when buying your next property with a conventional loan!

If you want to be a real estate investor, you need to know about conventional mortgages!

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What Is a Conventional Loan?
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