New 0% Down First-Time Home Buyer Loans Are Here (How to Get One)

New 0% Down First-Time Home Buyer Loans Are Here (How to Get One)

Episode #939

If you’re a first-time home buyer, now may be one of the best times to get a loan in recent history, according to mortgage advisor Jeff Welgan. With new no-money-down mortgages coming out specifically to help first-time home buyers finally get into a property, you can now buy a house for no money out of pocket, with your entire purchase price and closing costs covered. These 100% financeable loans aren’t a secret, so why don’t most first-time home buyers know about them?

In this BiggerNews, we’re diving deep into the best first-time home buyer loans available in 2024, how to pick up your first property for NO MONEY out of pocket, and low-money-down multifamily deals any brand new investor can start buying today. With affordability at nearly forty-year lows, most Americans struggle to save up a down payment, even if they have enough income to qualify for a home loan. This is where 100% financeable loans come in, making it easier than ever to buy your first home.

So, who can get approved for these first-time home buyer mortgages, where do you find them, and how do they work? Jeff goes through these programs on the federal and state levels, showing first-time home buyers where to find them, which loans to avoid, and whether or not they can use these loans to buy their next property.

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00:00 Intro

01:12 100% Financing For Your FIRST Home?

06:28 How These Loans Work

11:11 The Problem with FHA Loans?

14:06 Getting a Lower Mortgage Rate

24:19 Low Money Down Multifamily Investing

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