Real Estate Investing: 6 Questions to Ask Before You Start

Real Estate Investing: 6 Questions to Ask Before You Start

On this episode of The Colorado Real Estate Podcast, Erin Spradlin and James Carlson review:

🍎🎧 the 6 most important questions to ask yourself if you’re thinking of investing in real esate.
🍎🎧 If you’re a first time buyer or just looking to add to your existing real estate portfolio don’t miss these important tips!

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00:00 Colorado Real Estate Podcast
01:03 How to start a real estate investment
01:35 Questions to ask yourself before you invest in real estate
02:05 1. Should you invest locally or out of state?
02:29 2. Good markets for real estate investing in the United States
02:51 Real Estate and Climate Change
05:04 3. Cash flow or appreciation?
05:26 Real estate appreciation and the midwest
06:25 4. Stakeholders in a real estate investment
08:11 5. Deciding who will lead the real estate investment
10:10 Best podcasts for real estate investing
10:56 6. Would I invest in an HOA?
13:42 Setting up a timeline for getting an investment

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