2 Rental Properties by 22 and SERIOUS Cash Flow by Renting Rooms

2 Rental Properties by 22 and SERIOUS Cash Flow by Renting Rooms

Two rental properties by twenty-two years old? Most twenty-two-year-olds are just finishing their degrees, NOT thinking about real estate deals. So, how did Alejandro Yoon do both—finishing college while learning the real estate investing ropes? Well, it took a LOT of sacrifice. Alejandro wasn’t doing what most college students were. He was working forty to fifty hours per WEEK as a property manager, all while attending classes.

After learning how the “rent by the room” strategy worked, Alejandro quickly realized that this was the best way to start investing in real estate. So after college, he put VERY little down on a primary residence and started house hacking, getting paid every month to live in his own house. But the next deal Alejandro did was a little more creative and scored him a big win that came with big risks. Permit problems, rate infestations, and more awaited Alejandro at his new investment property, but he was able to turn it around, and now he’s making some killer cash flow!

If you’re just getting started in the real estate investing game but feel too young or inexperienced to do your first deal, Alejandro is your mentor on today’s episode! He’ll share exactly how he got real-world, invaluable investing experience, bought his first rental with very little money down, and how he gets paid to live with the rent-by-the-room strategy!

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00:00 2 Rentals at 22!
01:12 Working 50 Hours/Week in College
04:25 Buying His First House
06:42 A Seller Finance Deal
09:40 Buying BIG Properties
11:35 How to Start Investing
12:54 Connect with Alejandro!

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