Will the CO STR Tax Rate Create More MTRs?

Will the CO STR Tax Rate Create More MTRs?

Erin and James, from the Colorado Real Estate podcast, discuss:

🏠 🎧 Colorado Senate Bill 33, a proposed bill that would have quadrupled property taxes for short-term rentals.
🏠 🎧 Current regulations for short-term rentals in Colorado, with varying rules across different counties.
🏠 🎧 Erin Spradlin’s recent appearance on Turbo Tenant and updates from our real estate clients

🏠 🎧 Turbo Tenant Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUMis_FVl-0
🏠 🎧 Hold My Hand Package https://stan.store/erin_spradlin/p/airbnb-mentoring-package

Podcast Chapters
00:00 Colorado Real Estate Podcast
00:54 Erin Spradlin Turbo Tenant
01:55 Does paying for property management make sense?
02:36 Colorado Airbnb Law
03:13 Second homes in Colorado with STR eligibility
04:28 Colorado Senate Bill 33 STR bill
07:03 STR laws in Breckenridge and Summit County
08:12 Real estate consulting services
10:02 Property management hand holding
10:24 Midterm rental first guest
11:22 Renting to laborers
14:15 Investor focused real estate agent Colorado Springs
14:57 Blue River investment property

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