How to Build a Rental Property Budget That Protects Your Cash Flow

How to Build a Rental Property Budget That Protects Your Cash Flow

How do you know if a rental property will make enough cash flow before you buy? Budgeting is KEY. When breaking down a deal, it’s critical that you account for the costs of all capital expenditures (CapEx), maintenance, and repairs. Overlooking an important line item could easily put you in the red!

Welcome back to another Rookie Reply! In today’s episode, we’re going to show you how to budget for the everyday operating costs that come with owning rental properties, as well as how to set minimum cash flow requirements when analyzing a rental. Should you find a partner for your next house hack? We get into the potential advantages and disadvantages of joining forces with other investors. We also talk about the many tax benefits in real estate and whether you need a limited liability company (LLC) to maximize them!

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00:00 Intro

00:31 Claiming Tax Write-Offs

03:50 Budgeting for Property Expenses

15:33 Partnering on a House Hack?

23:22 CapEx vs. Repairs & Maintenance

26:17 How Much Cash Flow Do You Need?

32:17 Send Us Your Question!

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