Best Investor Home Renovation Loan Options (203k, HomeStyle, + More)

Best Investor Home Renovation Loan Options (203k, HomeStyle, + More)

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Need a home renovation loan to fix up your next investment property? For most investors, financing is one of the most challenging steps when getting a rehab done, but it doesn’t have to be. With numerous different renovation loans for investors, ranging from low-interest conventional loans all the way up to high-interest, but no-income-required, hard money loans, whatever renovation project you’re doing, there’s a loan out there for you.

So today, our two on-call mortgage experts, David Greene and Christian Bachelder, are back on Mortgage Monday to walk through all your home renovation financing options, start to finish. We’ll touch on the 203k loan so many new investors use, the HomeStyle loan, using a HELOC (home equity line of credit) to finance your renovation, and even hard money loans and bridge debt. If you’re on the rehab “R” of your BRRRR, you must know ALL these options to get the deal done!

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00:00 Renovation Loans 101
01:49 Sponsor: REI Nation!
02:40 Home Renovation Loan Options
05:18 4 Ways to Finance Home Renovations
06:58 When to Use Which
09:38 What Are the Interest Rates?
10:36 Cons of Each Loan
12:11 Using a HELOC?
12:15 How to Qualify
14:35 Questions to Ask a Lender

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