How to Make Rental Properties Cash Flow (Even in 2024)

How to Make Rental Properties Cash Flow (Even in 2024)

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Is your real estate cash flow low? Do you feel like you’re paying more every month while collecting rent that’ll barely cover your expenses? If so, you’ve got a cash flow problem. So how do you solve it? Sell your rental properties? Jack up rent 100%? You don’t have to do either; instead, you need to start thinking a bit more creatively. Follow a few of the strategies from today’s video, and you may see a sizable increase in monthly cash flow, allowing you to invest even faster and reach financial freedom on your timeline!

We asked BiggerPockets viewers what their biggest pain point was for cash flow. The answers:
1. High interest rates
2. Low rents
3. High expenses
4. Trouble finding tenants
5. Trouble finding loans

So we rang Henry Washington, a seasoned real estate investor, on the BiggerPockets Hotline to get his take on what investors should do to boost their real estate cash flow. He’s walking step-by-step through the strategies that’ll allow you to get more mailbox money, EVEN with today’s high rates, high prices, and stubborn sellers.

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00:00 No Real Estate Cash Flow?
00:47 Sponsor: NREIG!
02:02 1. Interest Rates are Too High!
05:56 2. Rents Are Too Low!
08:16 3. Expenses Are Too High!
09:31 4. Trouble Finding Tenants
15:12 5. Can’t Get a Loan!
19:21 Grab Henry’s New Book!

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