How to Use Private Money & Direct Lending to Buy MORE Real Estate

How to Use Private Money & Direct Lending to Buy MORE Real Estate

Private money is a “secret weapon” for real estate investing, allowing you to dodge the major banks and fund real estate deals on your terms. But just how easy is it to get this type of funding? The answer might surprise you. You don’t want to miss this masterclass on direct lending!

Welcome back to the “Real Estate Rookie” podcast! Concluding our three-part miniseries on the fundamentals of funding, we’re diving into direct lending with investor and fellow BiggerPockets host Henry Washington. In this episode, he covers the different types of direct lending options that are available to new investors—including private money and hard money—and discusses the many reasons why he uses them to build his own real estate portfolio!

Unfortunately, too many investors adopt a scarcity mindset and throw themselves at the mercy of any big bank that might finance their deals. Henry’s about to prove why lenders need YOU more than you might think and teach you how to craft the perfect private lending pitch from that position! He also shows you how to properly vet a lender and shares what you can do today to build relationships with the smaller lenders in your community!

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:17 What Is Direct Lending?

05:53 Building Relationships

11:55 How to Vet a Lender

20:17 Working with Private Money

28:14 The Perfect Private Money “Pitch”

33:59 What If You Can’t Pay?

40:00 Connect with Henry!

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