Real Estate Investing in 2024 (6 "Rules" You Can't Ignore)

Real Estate Investing in 2024 (6 “Rules” You Can’t Ignore)

Episode #963

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Real estate investing in 2024 isn’t as easy as a few years ago. When interest rates are low, housing inventory is high, the economy is booming, and everyone’s happy, real estate investors can take considerably more risks with bigger payoffs. But now, only the most savvy investors are finding cash flow, appreciation potential, and wealth-building properties. So, with little hope in sight for lower rates or home prices, how do you ensure you’re building wealth, not getting burnt, in the challenging 2024 housing market?

If there’s one person who knows how to invest during tough times, it’s J Scott. He literally wrote the book on recession-proof real estate investing and has flipped, landlorded, and syndicated through booms, busts, and the in-between periods. Today, J is laying down his six rules for real estate investing in 2024, which he’s following himself to ensure his portfolio doesn’t just survive but thrive, no matter what the housing market throws his way.

First, we dive into the factors causing such a harsh housing market and whether J thinks home prices will rise, flatten, or crash. Next, J walks through the six rules for real estate investing in 2024. We’ll talk about appreciation potential, rising expenses like insurance and property taxes, the riskiest investing strategies of today, loans that’ll put your real estate deals at risk, and why you MUST start paying attention to your local housing laws.

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Show notes at:

00:00 Intro

01:30 What Affects the Housing Market?

11:20 1. Don’t Bet on Appreciation

15:46 2. Expect Higher Expenses, Lower Rent

20:37 3. Know the Risks of Flips

26:46 4. Avoid Adjustable-Rate Loans

28:48 5. Buy What You Can Hold

33:15 6. Pay Attention to Local Laws

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