Multifamily Investing Madness Explained and a New 2025 Forecast

Multifamily Investing Madness Explained and a New 2025 Forecast

Episode #967

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Almost overnight, multifamily investing went from red-hot to something not even the most experienced investors would touch. After interest rates went up, rent growth stalled, and apartment supply flooded the market, the apartment investing industry became the ugly duckling of real estate. Owners struggled to get tenants and had huge balloon payments due, and no one was there to save them. But one man predicted that this would happen before anyone else—Brian Burke.

After seeing a crash on the horizon, Brian sold off most of his multifamily real estate portfolio and did it at just the right time. Now, he has a new prediction that could make apartment investors very happy. But a market turnaround won’t come quickly, and if you want to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes most multifamily investors made in 2020 – 2022, you’ll need to hear this BiggerNews episode. In this BiggerNews, Brian walks through everything that went wrong with multifamily real estate, signs it’s time to sell your properties, and some hope on the horizon for 2025 that most investors have no idea about.

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