Housing Prices Have Stuck The Fed in a “No Landing” Situation

Housing Prices Have Stuck The Fed in a “No Landing” Situation

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The Fed’s “soft landing” scenario might never come thanks to housing prices. As inflation has raged throughout the country, one cost in particular has been hard to control: home prices. With shelter being one of the largest expenses for everyday Americans, housing prices are controlling the economy much more than other costs. But, there may be some hope that housing and rent price inflation have peaked and are starting to slow down. Will this lead to lower mortgage rates if the Fed senses an end of high inflation in sight?

Dave Meyer, our go-to housing market expert, explains. This time, we’re looking at inflation data and what’s causing inflation to stay stubbornly high. With a Federal Reserve poised to end high inflation while balancing employment, what can they do with housing prices still so high? Dave shares the most recent data to explain what’s happening, what the Fed needs to do, and what this means for mortgage rates.

00:00 A Soft Landing?
03:12 Sponsor: PPR Capital Management!
03:21 The Importance of Inflation
04:18 Tracking “Shelter” Inflation
06:31 Private Sector Rent Data
08:54 Uncertainty in Reaching the Fed’s Inflation Target
11:15 Potential Rate Cuts and the Fight Against Inflation
12:12 What’s Next?

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