5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Start Investing in Real Estate

5 Mistakes to Avoid When You Start Investing in Real Estate

Episode #970

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Before you start investing in real estate, make sure you hear this episode. Almost every beginner ends up making these five big real estate investing mistakes. Some cost money, some cost time, but all of them cost you peace of mind and push you further away from achieving financial freedom. We’re breaking down these five big mistakes so you can avoid them and start building wealth faster!

Dave Meyer and Rob Abasolo are back today to discuss the five common real estate investing mistakes to avoid. From buying bad deals to doing wrong calculations, getting stuck in analysis paralysis, and beyond, even our expert investors have fallen into these beginner traps a few times. However, their previous mistakes could make you money as they share exactly how to avoid these rental property investing pitfalls.

If you want to invest in real estate but are stuck, scared that you’ll make the wrong move, jump into today’s episode and take notes. If you can avoid these real estate investing mistakes, you’ll not only end up richer but with far less grey hair than even the most savvy investors. Let’s get into it!

00:00 Intro

01:25 1. Buying the Wrong Deal

05:57 How to Avoid Bad Deals

07:14 2. Analyzing Wrong

11:09 3. “Lacking” Money

23:23 How to Do Partnerships

25:49 4. Getting “Stuck”

29:01 Escaping Analysis Paralysis

31:12 5. Doom and Gloom

34:18 Talk to THESE People

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