DSCR Loans Explained: Everything You Need to Know

DSCR Loans Explained: Everything You Need to Know

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12 Frequently Asked Questions (And Answers) About DSCR Loans:
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Don’t have a W2 but still want to invest? DSCR loans may be exactly what you need. These investor loans help real estate investors, just like you, build their portfolios faster, EVEN if they don’t have full-time income or a perfect credit score. But if this rental property loan is so amazing, why isn’t everyone getting one? We’ve got Hannah Escher, licensed mortgage advisor, back on to explain.

A DSCR (debt service coverage ratio) loan is a non-conventional loan, meaning it isn’t the same type of mortgage you’d probably use to buy your primary residence. But how do you find these loans? Hannah is here today to help answer those questions and more!

00:00 Overview of DSCR Loans
02:41 DSCR Loans for Self-Employed Individuals
03:29 Requirements for DSCR Loans
04:26 DSCR Loans for Non-Residents
05:19 Closing in an LLC for DSCR Loans
06:17 Credit Reporting for DSCR Loans

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