How to Start Mobile Home Investing (The Right Way) with Just $15,000

How to Start Mobile Home Investing (The Right Way) with Just $15,000

Episode #976

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Can you start investing in real estate with just $15,000? Yep, and mobile home investing is how you do it. We know what you’re thinking, “I don’t want to own trailers! I want to invest in “real” houses where the “real” money is at!” That’s what today’s guest John Fedro thought too some twenty years ago when he stumbled into mobile home investing, which, at the time, was even too embarrassing for him to share. But, over the past two decades, this at-first “embarrassing” investment has made him wealthy, and if you follow his lead, it can do the same for you.

00:00 Intro

02:32 Seller Financing…Mobile Homes?

11:18 Win-Win Seller Financing

16:52 3 “Levels” of Mobile Home Investing

22:08 How Much to Invest?

23:53 Cash Flow and Profit Numbers

26:51 What to Look Out For

32:38 New Investors, Do THIS!

33:52 Would WE Invest In It?
John has successfully made money with mobile homes in various ways: buying and flipping, wholesaling, renting, and seller financing, the main topic of today’s episode. He provides a masterclass on how to make money buying and selling mobile homes, where you essentially take on the role of the bank. However, it’s crucial to be cautious. Mishandling this could lead you into an ethical gray area and potentially harm your buyer. On the other hand, getting it right can create a win-win situation for both the buyer and seller while making you wealthy.

John shares his whole strategy, plus how he’s getting into deals for $15,000 and often making DOUBLE his money and $400 per month (or more) cash flow per door when he seller finances these properties. If you want a way to get into real estate investing without a ton of cash but with the potential to make a serious return on your money, this may be your winning strategy.

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