How to Make a Cash Offer on a House (WITHOUT Cash)

How to Make a Cash Offer on a House (WITHOUT Cash)

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What if you knew how to make a CASH offer on a house without cash? You could beat out all the buyers in your area WITHOUT having to spend years or decades saving up every cent to buy a home in all cash. Sellers might pick your offer faster and have more confidence in you closing, allowing you to get better real estate deals and build your investment property portfolio faster. Today, we’ll show you why cash ISN’T king, but a cash offer could be EVEN if you’re financing it!

If you’ve ever been beaten out by a cash offer, this episode of Mortgage Mondays is for you. Christian and David will walk through exactly how you can make a cash offer without having cash. But before we get into that, why do sellers want (often lower-priced) cash offers anyway? There are a few BIG benefits to cash offers that most sellers are looking for, and if you can come in with cash, you have a chance to steal the deal. Want to know how you can get ahead of all the other investors by offering “cash” on your next investment property? Stick around; we’ll show you how!

00:00 Is Cash Still King?
01:07 Sponsor: Rent App!
02:10 The “All Cash” Myth
06:55 How Certain are Pre-Approvals?
08:54 Cash vs. Mortgage Timeline
10:25 Benefits of Buying in Cash
13:17 How to Offer “Cash” (WITHOUT Cash!)

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