Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio Faster with These 5 Crucial Roles

Grow Your Real Estate Portfolio Faster with These 5 Crucial Roles

Episode #978

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If you want to grow your real estate portfolio faster, make more money with less headache, and achieve whatever financial dreams you desire, you need one thing—a real estate team. Most people don’t realize that the top real estate investors rarely do everything themselves. Instead, they’ve hand-picked real estate investing rockstars to grow their businesses FOR them. We’re talking investor-friendly agents, lenders, contractors, property managers, and more. If you can find the right people to fill those roles, you’ll be able to grow your passive income faster than you thought possible. So, where do you find them?

Dave Meyer and Henry Washington are back to give a masterclass on building your real estate team. They’ll walk you through each role—real estate agents, lenders and brokers, insurance agents, property managers, and contractors—describing what to look for, red flags to run from, and exactly where you can find the best of the best in your market. Get this right, and you’re on a fast track to real estate riches, but get it wrong, and you could delay your financial freedom!

00:00 Intro

02:24 Real Estate Agents

12:15 Lenders and Brokers

22:08 Insurance

25:27 Property Managers

34:26 Contractors

44:07 Where to Find Your Team

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