How to Buy Rental Property as a Beginner with “The Stack” Method

How to Buy Rental Property as a Beginner with “The Stack” Method

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“The stack” method is how to buy rental property faster than you thought possible. With so many real estate investing beginners wondering how to build a real estate portfolio, especially in today’s market, Dave Meyer, VP of Market Intelligence at BiggerPockets, decided to reintroduce “the stack” on today’s podcast. In it, he’ll show you exactly how someone with zero real estate investing experience can go from one to two to three rentals and beyond by following this simple framework.

If you’ve struggled to buy your first rental property or never made it past the first deal, this is the episode to watch. Dave walks through how you can use “the stack” method to explode your real estate portfolio, the three simple steps to start buying rental properties today, and the one tool top real estate investors use to buy more real estate and find financial freedom faster. Beginner or investing veteran, if you’re feeling stuck but want to reach your financial goals, this might be just what you need.

00:00 Intro

00:35 How to Buy Your First Rental Property

02:53 Achieving Financial Freedom

05:03 Scared to Invest?

09:44 “The Stack” Method

12:11 1. Finding Deals

14:20 How to Analyze a Rental Property

25:36 2. Finding Financing/Funding

28:34 3. Finding Direction

31:14 3-Step Recap

32:40 What Pro Investors Do

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