What Happens to the Housing Market if Mortgage Rates Stay High?

What Happens to the Housing Market if Mortgage Rates Stay High?

Episode #979

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Mortgage rates were supposed to be going down by now, but what happened? Even in late 2023, many housing market experts predicted that we’d be seeing high to mid six percent mortgage rates at this point and hovering around the high five percent rate mark by the end of the year, but the Fed isn’t showing any sign of lowering rates soon. Some experts even believe rates could go UP again this year as the job market stays hot and the economy sees unprecedented strength. This begs the question: What IF mortgage rates remain high?

It’s a reality many of us don’t want to see, but 2024 could end with minor, if any, rate cuts, keeping monthly mortgage payments high and affordability low. So, what should an investor do in this situation? Sit on the sidelines? Invest in a different asset class? Pray to Jerome Powell? While that last option may be worthwhile, top real estate investors are saying that NOW is the time to buy BEFORE rates fall. What do we mean?

We’ve got the entire expert investor panel here to give their take on what investors should do IF rates don’t fall. From house flipping to long-term buy and hold rentals, our nationwide panel of investors shares exactly what they’re doing to make money even with high interest rates. Plus, we’ll give our predictions on when rates could fall, what will happen to housing inventory, what young people should do NOW to get their first house, and why investors need to “reset” if they want to thrive in this high rate housing market.

00:00 Intro

04:45 When Could Mortgage Rates Fall?

13:48 Inventory is Getting Gobbled Up

19:56 Can Young People Make It?

24:19 Investors Must “Reset”

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