Making $100K/Year by Buying Businesses “No One Wants”

Making $100K/Year by Buying Businesses “No One Wants”

Episode #980

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Today’s guest makes up to $100,000 per year, PER investment, by buying businesses. Yep, you heard that right. We’re not talking about a few hundred bucks a month in cash flow like most rental properties get you. Instead, you can make a living by buying a business “no one wants,” which is exactly what Matt DeBoth is doing.

Matt saw the writing on the wall after building up a sizable real estate portfolio. Low interest rates flooded buyers into the housing market, putting those with properties to sell in a great position. So, Matt sold many of his rental properties and wondered where he should put the money into. Over the next year, he spent his days researching businesses to buy, talking to business brokers, and eventually landed on a local pizza franchise. Matt was able to turn it around, and after months of hard work, he’s collecting serious cash flow from a business that only takes a few hours a week to manage!

If you want to buy yourself a six-figure income stream and feel like now is the perfect time to take a pause from real estate investing, Matt’s story may be just what you need to get started. He shares how much it costs to buy a small business, how to manage it, what to look for in business investment opportunities, and what you can do TODAY to get started!

00:00 Intro

01:34 Buying When No One Else Would

04:02 House Hacking an Apartment?

06:09 Selling Off His Rentals?!

13:06 Ditching Rentals to Buy Businesses

15:32 Buying His First Business

17:45 Finding Investment Opportunities

21:07 $100K/Year Income Streams?

24:55 Managing the Businesses

28:28 Who Should Buy Businesses?

30:58 How to Get Started

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