How to Avoid Evictions (As a Landlord) Even in Tenant-Friendly States

How to Avoid Evictions (As a Landlord) Even in Tenant-Friendly States

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How Much Should a State’s Landlord-Tenant Laws Affect Your Real Estate Investing Strategy?

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Before you buy your first or next rental property, you’ll need to know how to AVOID evictions. You may not realize it, but where you invest greatly impacts your ability to remove a non-paying or troublesome tenant. Some investors will ONLY invest in landlord-friendly states, while others suggest vigorous tenant screening in tenant-friendly states. The real question is: does it matter where you invest IF you can avoid evictions in the first place?

Christian and David, long-distance investors with rentals in multiple states, have had this debate plenty of times. While many landlord-friendly states have quick eviction laws, tenant-friendly states often offer the appreciation potential most investors seek. Can you successfully invest in both without having to deal with constant evictions? Yes! Today, Christian and David are showing you how.

00:00 How to Avoid Evictions
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01:22 Invest from Afar?
02:43 ONLY Invest in Landlord-Friendly States?
05:02 #1 Way to Avoid Evictions
06:11 Appreciation vs. Cash Flow Areas
08:14 The Short-Term Rental Solution
13:41 Be VERY Picky with Tenants
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