Retired Early in 10 Years as a Single Dad Making $17/Hour!

Retired Early in 10 Years as a Single Dad Making $17/Hour!

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Dion McNeeley retired early after just ten years of real estate investing. He did it as a single father, making a very low income, with nearly ninety thousand dollars in debt! Currently making over $200,000 per year from cash flow, Dion is retired from his W2, doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants. And here’s the kicker: Dion didn’t build some huge real estate portfolio with hundreds of units and many partners. He used the “house hacking” strategy to delete his mortgage cost and buy rentals with little money down!

If you want to reach early retirement in ten years (or less), you can use the same strategies that Dion discusses today. In fact, these strategies are the easiest for real estate investing beginners, requiring less money to get started. Dion even shares his six steps to start investing NOW and how following them could quickly lead you to financial freedom! Stop dreaming of retiring early; follow Dion’s advice and retire in just ten years!

00:00 Starting with $89K in Debt
03:00 Buying His First Duplex
06:00 Never Sell?
07:11 Slowly Building a Portfolio
08:36 Making $200K/Year Cash Flow!?
10:59 Using House Hacks to Retire
12:46 6 Steps to Get Started
14:54 Connect with Dion!

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