Why I’m Selling My 4% Interest Rate Rental Properties

Why I’m Selling My 4% Interest Rate Rental Properties

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Even if you have low interest rates and plenty of cash flow from your rental properties, it might be time to sell. Giving up that low rate could unlock even better returns and more cash flow than you thought. But when should you sell a high-performing rental property? Chris Lopez is back with another “Keep, Refi, or Sell” episode as he shares why he’s strongly debating selling two of his highest-performing rentals to passively invest in an even better investment.

Everyone has been telling you how hard it is to find cash-flowing rentals in 2024. However, Chris has some investment options that bring in double-digit returns without having to deal with the tenants and toilets. If you’re at the stage of life where you want to dedicate more time to your family or interests while still growing your real estate portfolio, Chris’s plan may be one worth imitating.

00:00 Sell Your Low Rate Rentals?
01:57 This is CRUCIAL for Wealth
04:16 Sponsor: Property Llama!
5:05 Option 1. Keep the Properties
07:21 Option 2. Raise Rents and Refinance
08:15 Option 3. 1031 Exchange and Buy Rentals
11:42 Option 4. Sell and Invest Passively
15:54 Which One to Choose

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