Pay Off Student Loans or Invest in Real Estate: Which Makes You Richer?

Pay Off Student Loans or Invest in Real Estate: Which Makes You Richer?

Episode #984

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Should I Pay Off My Student Loan or Invest in Real Estate?

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Should you pay off student loans or invest in real estate? This is the question Tom Keating had to ask himself back in 2018. At the time, he had no real estate investing experience and only picked up “The Book on Rental Property Investing” by chance. He still had student loans but decided to spend his savings (which could have made him debt-free) on the down payment for his first rental property. Now, just six years later, Tom has an entire real estate portfolio of passive and active investments and is free from his W2!

If you’ve got some form of debt—student loans, credit card debt, medical debt, etc.—you might think you can’t invest in real estate, but you’d be wrong. In today’s episode, Tom breaks down the simple equation you can use to figure out whether you should pay off your debt or invest. Tom took the path less traveled, and now, he’s benefiting from it, being able to go anywhere in the world, live where he wants, and control his schedule.

Tom also shares a simple yet unbelievably valuable way to find the hottest real estate markets and areas to buy rental properties. The best part? The data he uses is FREE, and you can copy his same strategy to get cash flow, appreciation, or a bit of both!

00:00 Intro

01:41 Serial Side Hustler

05:29 Buying His First Duplex

06:57 Invest vs. Pay Off Debt

12:42 Tom’s Portfolio

14:40 Investing in Multiple Markets

20:01 Finding Hot Investing Areas

26:08 Working Less, Making More

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