How to “Level Up” Your Real Estate Portfolio on Your 2nd House Hack

How to “Level Up” Your Real Estate Portfolio on Your 2nd House Hack

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Got your first house hack? Great! You’re ready to “level up” your real estate portfolio with the second one. While many real estate investors rinse and repeat their first house hack strategy, you can do something different that may make you even wealthier. Danielle Daly, a two-time house hacker, explains why she changed a few things on her second-time house hacking and how it may make her real estate portfolio even more valuable.

Before you move on to your next house hack, make sure you follow Danielle’s seven tips. They’ll help make you even more prepared for your second house hack investment and give you a chance to tweak your strategy to get more cash flow, appreciation, privacy, or a bit of all three!

00:00 Leveling Up Your House Hacking
01:31 1. Save Up (MORE!) Money
03:04 2. Revise Your Strategy
03:57 3. Run the Numbers (Again!)
05:14 Danielle’s 2nd House Hack Numbers
06:59 4. Consider Your WHOLE Portfolio
07:27 5. Diversify Your Locations
08:19 6. Renovate WHILE Living There
09:08 7. Revise Your House Hack Timeline

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