How to Use Home Equity to Buy Investment Property (and Retire!)

How to Use Home Equity to Buy Investment Property (and Retire!)

Episode #985

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Should you use a HELOC to buy investment property? Would we use home equity to retire? When is it time to sell a performing property and exchange it for a more expensive one? If you’ve got home equity, this episode could help you reach financial freedom faster as we answer real listener questions, many about home equity, on today’s Seeing Greene!

If you’ve been investing for a while, you may have some paid-off properties. Should you get a cash-out refinance and live off the loans? That’s what one of today’s investors is asking, but Rob and David have different views on whether this is a good retirement plan. Did your property almost get destroyed by the city this week? Rob’s did! We’ll share the full story at the start of the show.

Next, an investor debates selling her performing rentals to scale into a bigger property. We also answer how to use a HELOC (home equity line of credit) to quickly grow your real estate portfolio. Why are contractors so hard to find? A veteran investor/contractor shares the reason why most contractors suddenly disappear. Finally, a listener has inherited multiple lots of land but wonders if he should build multifamily rentals on them. Can he use the lots as collateral to get the funds to start his investing journey? All that in this Seeing Greene!

00:00 Intro

01:06 The City is Destroying My Property!

06:12 How to Retire with Home Equity

13:00 Sell Rentals for House Hack?

18:45 How to Use a HELOC to Invest

26:04 Comment Section Callout

28:47 Contractor’s Advice for Investors

35:46 Build Multifamily on Inherited Lots?

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