Are Tiny Homes a Good Investment? (How Much a $50,000 House Makes)

Are Tiny Homes a Good Investment? (How Much a $50,000 House Makes)

Episode #986

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Are tiny homes a good investment? For just $50,000, you can get a brand new tiny home investment—not even fifteen percent of the average single-family home price in the United States. Even better? These tiny investment properties can bring in over $15,000 per year in rent, making your payoff period minuscule compared to a standard real estate investment. To learn more, we brought Steven Harrell, tiny home builder and investor, on the show to walk through all the numbers and how investors can cash in big on these tiny homes.

Steven has seen the tiny home industry shift from off-the-grid, fringe mini homes in the woods to now a mainstream necessity as more Americans struggle to pay the sky-high cost of rent or a mortgage on standard homes. With affordability at a forty-year low, Americans need cheaper housing options, and tiny homes might be the perfect answer.

We discuss the costs of tiny homes, how much they rent for, finding and buying land to put them on, insurance, financing, and how beginners can get started on this investment at a very attractive price point. Want tiny houses with big profits? This episode is for you!

00:00 Intro

01:27 Foreclosed On & Finding “Tiny Homes”

05:39 Average Cost and Size

08:12 Do They Appreciate?

10:02 How to Invest in Tiny Homes

15:35 It’s THAT Cheap!?

18:17 Insurance for Tiny Homes

20:18 Tiny Home Tenants

22:22 How to Get Started

26:28 Would We Buy Tiny Homes?

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